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It's that time again the 1st of the month and "Can Your Resist" not downloading the new edition to the mix volume series. "I think not"
Once again MIXED BY DAZ DUA, bringing the "Cross Genre" hotness for your listening pleasure. 
So you know what to do. Download it bump it in you house your cars, because 'RESISTANCE IS FUTILE' Hit us on twitter: @TheResistanceHQ
Daz twitter: @MistaDaz 

JOIN THE ALLIANCE and be a part of the revolution….!! 

Volume 3 is a celebration of the grooves making you afrocentric




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Ladies, gentlemen and members of the alliance. Its the 1st of the month and it's that time again. The second part of the "Can You Resist Series" 



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OK ladies and gentlemen. Once again we love giving you guys treats.. This is the first of a series of  eclectic "CROSS GENRE" Mixes we "The Resistance" are bringing you. "Can You Resist Volume 1"