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Ladies and Gentlemen, get the downloading and, ear listening ready. 'Can You Resist Vol.5' is here. Taking you through and journey from present,past, and back again, once again Mista Daz put's it down with the trademark cross genre style "Summer Madness" Download it and bump it in your cars. Stay connected on twitter for all the good stuff: @MistaDaz, @TheResistanceHQ


Daz Dua

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It is said that a man with a drive and strives to be more ambitious beyond belief against all odds is a man on a path to distinction. A very true statement for this West London, Ghanaian enthusiast.

At a very young age Daryl Dua a.k.a Daz was always an active child and loved being able to entertain and perform in many ways. Watching and studying James Brown, Michael Jackson, and Michael Chambers (Turbo from Break dance) Daz took to becoming a performer quite naturally, soon after his parents would have him and his brother dance at family functions like weddings and christening parties, getting money stuffed down their shirts

Doing all these things at the age of 6 and 7 drew him deeper in music and performing, learning other styles and watching people like Fred Astaire, Sammy Davis Jnr, Sandman Washington, The Jones Brothers. It was watching these guys that made him understand where people like Michael Jackson drew from and was mesmerized . As time went on Daz started taking dancing more serious battling in clubs during his teenage years.

It was watching shows like Jacko live or LL Cool J and Big Daddy Kane that inspired Daz to take part in many different stage shows and events, depicting natural flare and ability for stage presence. There was a deeper love for music and the beats that drew Daz deeper, asking questions about the process from stage down to the business of making music.
Daz went on to explore many different natural abilities and fell in love with rapping, djing and production. It was watching shows like Behind The Beat and other early music TV shows, visually seeing Jazzy Jeff and Cash Money performing tricks on the turntables that Daz became more aware and influenced by what he saw.
That really sparked the creativity in him. Before then it was all about listening to cuts on tape like Rokit with Grand Master DST introducing to the world the turntable funk with a memorable scratch solo

This lead to a deeper insight into the culture exposed to the DMC and the Battle For World Supremacy.
Practicing and learning scratch patterns from records like Gangstarr’s ‘Who’s Gonna Take The Weight’, or EPMD’s ‘So What You Sayin’ became a matter of importance. Understanding the turntable to be a musical instrument this became his way into the production game. From getting involved with djing at the age of 13, Daz pursued and went on to dj at parties, making mix tapes before landing a resident spot at Rotation and Camouflage. North and West London based club nights that occurred every Friday and Saturday night. At this establishment Daz understood about working as a team, Incorporating his natural flamboyancy, and creative input. Together with others involved including his brother, the club went on to win an award for best club night at the MOBO’s in 1998.

Daz was part of a group of young ehnthusiastics originally from the dancing and battle circuit. These west London based guys formed a production team and were responsible for pretty much changing the whole remix game in the Uk. Being a resident at Rotation enabled them to showcase exclusive mixes before hitting the streets to test crowd response, much similar to market research. They did remixes for people like SWV, 702, All the way down to the likes of Kci & Jojo. They basically remixed everyone. It was at these times that Daz was able to analyze the game for what it was, watching the way people would like the exclusive joints and how they were being played.
The success from the vast amount of creative ideas expressed, gave Daz many opportunities to further showcase his abilities, like entering the DMC coming second in the London finals, and reaching the UK finals in 1998, exposing his flare to a wider audience. There was a rapid awareness for Daz’s showmanship and distinct creative style enabling him to perform at a numerous amount of high profile events put on by the Princes Trust, BBC & MTV, to name a few. Concerts and after parties for artists such as Erykah Badu, Janet Jackson, R Kelly , & The

Being a music and marketing graduate with the ability to dictate a vision, Daz has been directing artists on their path, motivating and designing a concept, bringing the best out of characters by acting as a consultant for many artists successful today in the UK, and sparking interest from artists such as Outkast and the late great Jam Master Jay.

In the latest chapter to Daz’s world, we bring you “The Resistance” first formed in 2003. The production entity grounded on fusing different style to deliver the funk, is on a greater path

'Everyday a new struggle or obstacle comes in our path but we must try to Resist detouring off track, and stay on the grind for success.

Resistance Is A Must..!!
Against All Elements, Against All Odds