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‘Rooms’ real name Rommel grew up listening to music since an early age. “I remember listening to music in my dad’s car. He was really into his music and I guess that’s where I get the love for music from. He listened to the likes of The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Barry White, James Brown, Bob Marley, War, Tom Jones and the list goes on really. So I was brought up listening to all types of music.”

“I always looked forward to watching programmes like Dance Energy, & Top of The Pops back in the day”
“Films like Breakin’ and Beat Street showed me, the many aspects of Music ”

Rommel started out in the music scene in the mid nineties.
“The Jungle scene was where I started out. MC’ing on sets, on different London based Pirate radio stations and birthday parties”
He also developed his talents at ‘Labyrynth’ in Dalston East London which later moved to Tottenham North London.
“My MC’ing partner was Mr. Dee and we MC’ed for Dj Pee Wee & Dj Sept “.

Whilst MC’ing Rommel discovered music production.
“Music producing was something else. My girlfriend at the time had a brother who played the guitar and piano. One day he decided to hook up his keyboard to his computer and got Cubase Logic. So, that’s when I started to use music programmes and messed around with beats”
Amongst MC’ing and discovering music production, Rommel had a go on the turntables.
“Yeah, I mean when I was around friends houses who had a set-up, I usually had a go on the turntables. That was fun and challenging. To try and mix different tracks together which where at a different bpm’s from each other, to make them sound like just one track and not ‘clang’ was the initiation for me to become a DJ”

Rommel stopped MC’ing and continued to mess around with beats, while he put a lot of his focus on DJ’ing. Rommel gained a resident spot as a DJ for a Student night called ‘Impressions’ held every Tuesday at the London based Club Strawberry Moons and whilst playing sets there got a residency at a night called ‘Crazy, Sexy, Cool’ held every Friday at The QBar just 2mins walk from Strawberry Moons. At the same time as this, Rommel was at college and there he met his friend who would later introduce him to the ‘Sound Clash’ Scene.

“In 2001 I met my friend J.A. Katana at college and we became very good friends, he was an MC and a DJ. He started MC’ing on my sets and I became a member of his crew, a Trinidad based Sound System or ‘Sound’ whatever you want to call it, called X-Caliber International Disco. I got introduced to ‘Dubplates’. That was taking DJ’ing into another dimension for me. Having a personalised tune that no one else had was one of the main ingredients for ‘Sound Clashing’ as well as having an MC who was quick & relentless at mocking the opposition. We had ‘Dubs’ from Damien ‘Jr Gong’ Marley, Sean Paul, Kardinal Official, Warrior King, Shinehead, Elephant Man, Bounty Killer, Capelton, Beres Hammond and the list goes on… Becoming a member of X-Caliber introduced me to Reggae & Soca Music on a different level, discovering all types of artist in both of these genres. We had a show on Street FM, We were there for around a year and then we moved to neighbours Unique FM. We were also on BBC 1Xtra hosting and covering shows on the ‘Reggae Dancehall’ movement. After 3 years I decided to go my own way and focused on production. 2004 is when I met production partner Daz through my cousin. We hit it off and that’s when The Resistance was formed. A lot has happened since then and it’s time to share with the world the gifts we’ve been blessed with. Music is the language we speak and Music is life.”

“All I can say is watch this space…”

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