Jay Mensah

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Growing up in west London Jacob aka Jay was a very happy and energetic child who always looked up to his brothers, and had a love and passion for music and dancing.
“I used to watch my bros dj and wish I could do the same. Back in the day, they were part of an established production company and loved being around their friends and hearing tracks they have produced. I loved it so much, I used to tell all my friends have you heard these guys, and get excited and wanted to get into this field.”

Jacob first got into music from an early age
“ I used to watch old skool films and a classic favourite film was BREAKDANCE aka BREAKIN. The music and the moves triggered something in me to want to move like them.
I started in the late nineties going to college and djing for people at parties and making mix tapes. During college it was all about the garage scene although the passion and drive for hip hop and rnb was still there, djing and mcing were the in thing with Garage during college.
I started to go raving and dance around, I was so on dancing that people used to form circles around me in the clubs and there would be the occasional battle too

Jay used to watch entertainment shows at a young age of which influenced him
“I can remember the days of watching yo mtv raps with dr.dre and ed lover and fell in love with music, we still got tapes somewhere of videos we would record. There was also the Fresh Prince and of course Dance energy I think would have been the favourite simply because it was British and covered the whole genre of music from here to America and across Europe. You would see the latest clothes, moves and artists etc, it was way ahead of its time. In relation to influences I guess would be my brothers, Breakdance, dance energy The legendary King Of Pop Michael Jackson just a few to name.

Going through university Jay got more and more into music and entertainment and took his abilities to the clubs
“I used to do some promoting for clubs and fellow promoters, and then started doing my own nights with a friend a of mine. I would gather a strong caliber of dj’s to play for me and sometimes spin myself for the parties and club nights, while my friend would bring singers and different acts to come and perform for the crowds. I really enjoy it and had a sense of satisfaction that people came out for me. It felt very rewarding. Then as time went on, I started doing parties and surprise parties and became a bit of a party planner whilst djing too.

Over the years being part of a registered entertainment company/label now, Jay feels that a sense of achievement has been fulfilled now and for the future
“I saw how much fun it was and realized I loved the way music made me feel good, so why not get into something that I loved
I then hooked up with my brother to join forces of the resistance, simply to show people what we loved growing up and how diverse we can be. So in terms of what the future holds, more good music to showcase our abilities and also our artistic vision for videos, shows, to spread the joy of which is MUSIC

For any Dj or show and event bookings. Please email: eventbookings@resistanceents.com