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Everyday a new struggle or obstacle comes in our Paths. We as enthusiasts must Resist detouring off track and stay on the grind for success.
Resistance is a necessity, which everybody can relate to when accomplishments are pursued.
The moment one makes a decision to pursue, make a change, or strive to become someone, there’s always a struggle or resistance what ever the scale to pay for in order to appreciate the fruits of hard work.

We at Resistance Entertainment believe in striving to achieve our goals and dreams
Against All Elements, Against All Odds
Resistance Entertainment was founded in 2003. A West London based organization originally formed as a corporate agency to house and promote a production unit by the name of The Resistance. The company has now evolved into what most would call a multi independent entertainment company housing a variety of different acts from singers, rappers, and producers, to dancers and dj’s. The main common goal for Resistance Entertainment is to unlock your peak potential. we refer to this as The Apex. Enter The Apex Zone and greatness shall be achieved. This concept applies to all on goings with the company, be it developing in house projects or artists, to working with or collaborating with other organizations or artists on external projects.
Most would say the brand and imagery is closely linked with being from another realm, with
futuristic influences or connotations, based on old skool and vintage nostalgia.

Resistance Entertainment constantly tries to achieve it’s apex by diversifying in many areas. Having already had music placed in movies hitting the big screen, as well as theme music for adverts and TV shows, the future & essence of the company is yet to commence. With in house and external album projects in the pipeline, as well as TV shows. It will be very wise to stay tuned.
Resistance Entertainment aims to be at the forefront of cutting edge and innovative entertainment, incorporated in The Apex Zone..